Stella Inox Satinato Moka Pot Review $159

Stella Inox Satinato Moka Pot Review

  • High Grade 18x10 Stainless Steel
  • Large Capacity
  • Micro Filter System


Overview of the Stella Inox Satinato

Stella is a line of products created by a famous Italian manufacturer, Scarbi, Chiozzi & C, and the quality craftsmanship as well as the durability can be seen right away from the looks of the Stella Inox Satinato Stovetop Espresso Maker [check price].

Although they have a substantially wider array in their inventory of appliances other than espresso makers, the Stella Inox Satinato 10-cup model is among their most respected devices, but smaller 6-cup and 2-cup variants are available as well.

After all, this product combines nearly three generations of experience and the finest materials money can buy with the always surprising Italian innovations in the field of coffee makers.

But what makes the Stella Inox Satinato espresso maker so revered? Let’s take a look!


Features of Stella Inox Satinato

  • Strong construction materials, designed mainly from 18×10 stainless steel alloys
  • The Stella Inox Satinato is very versatile, meaning it works very well with the electrical or gas-powered stoves and their glass and ceramic counterparts
  • Elegant and modern construction featuring high-gloss polished steel
  • Can brew 10 cups of espresso in a single batch
  • Contains an unique micro-filter system
  • Among the best selling appliances in this category in the entire Europe
  • Created by a famous Italian designer, produced in Italy


Although the design of the Stella Inox Satinato follows the classical principles, its polished stainless steel finishing coating makes it a timeless classic.

In other words, the Stella Inox Satinato synthesized the entire principle of the manufacturer in a single espresso maker. Furthermore, the ability to brew 10 regular cups of espresso is only overshadowed by its micro filter technology.

The micro filter incorporated in the Stella Inox Satinato enables the user to brew 1/2 of the stovetop’s maximum capacity without a negative impact on the quality of the coffee. At the same time, its incredibly resilient construction materials makes the Stella Satinato 10 cup espresso maker able to keep you supplied with a fresh cup for many years to come.

Conclusion and Verdict on the Stella Inox Satinato

When it comes to espresso makers, few can rival the Italian craftsmanship and the Stella Satinato espresso maker is among the appliances that stand as proof.

The capacity, resilience and brilliant design affirm once more that the Scarbi, Chiozzi & C company know what they are doing and can meet even the highest demands of the elite coffee enthusiasts.

The Stella Inox Satinato [check price] can be regarded as a cost efficient investment and it is unlikely that you will ever need another stovetop espresso maker anytime soon if you purchase this one.


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