Best Premium Moka Pot

Best Premium Italian Moka Pots Reviewed – Over $50 Category

The following moka pots are for those who appreciate fine workmanship, exquisite visual appeal, and highest coffee brewing performance.

Because of their size, quality, and design, these premium products will sure impress your guests and add a special flair in any kitchen countertop.

No longer do you have to brew several pots of coffee just to satisfy your guests’ insatiable desire to have more of your special coffee. Be known as the host that serves ‘that special coffee in that fancy Italian moka pot” by your friends and guests!

If you’re serious about good coffee and standing out from the crowd in every gathering, don’t settle for any cheap drip coffee maker or worse, instant coffee!

Stella Aroma Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker

Our top recommendation for stovetop espresso maker is the the Stella Aroma.

This 10-cup espresso maker isn’t only big, but also glamorously minimalist in design.Made with high-grade, high gloss 18/10 stainless steel, this pot can be used on virtually all stovetops. The drip-proof spout works really well even when the pot is full to the brim.

The thick construction makes a rather subdued ‘gurgle’ when the brewing process completes. The handle, despite the fact that it’s metal, never felt hot to the touch after a brewing a pot, as a bonus, the handle never gets loose despite prolonged use with a full pot of coffee.

Unlike many cheaper models, the Stella allows you to brew half-pots as well as full-pots, making this large pot a very usable and flexible pot to own in a typical household.

It’s a little expensive for a moka pot, but the great design in both looks and functionality aspect deserves our top marks and you really do get what you pay for.

Bellman SS Stove Top Espresso/Cappuccino Maker


Technically speaking, the Bellman SS isn’t a moka pot, but the coffee it produces resembles a great cup of moka pot-brewed coffee consistently.

The Bellman is a serious piece of equipment, allowing you to brew both espresso and cappuccino right on top of your stove.

The Bellman SS can froth your milk or cream right then and there with utmost efficiency as well, adding much value to its original purpose, which is brewing coffee.

The Bellman SS allows 3-cup, 6-cup, or 9-cup brewing capacity, making it highly useful in any household. Made with industrial-grade 18/10 stainless steel and Bakelite handles, it will serve you for a long, long time.

One main reason why we didn’t put the Bellman SS on top is because it’s not a simple pot to use. Care must be taken to ensure the dispenser doesn’t clog up, you don’t open the pot before the pressure has been dissipated, etc. It’s more of an aficionado/barista type of coffee pot.

There’s nothing wrong with the Bellman SS to not take the top spot, we just think it’s a bit less practical than the Stella Aroma for most households.


Vev Vigano Kontessa Gold

Another stellar design by Vev Vigano. We always think of royal ballrooms when we see a Vev Vigano pot, and this Kontessa Gold is no exception.

The Italian-made Kontessa Gold stovetop coffee pot features a polished brass handle with a latched lid knob.

Constructed with quality 18/10 stainless steel and full stainless steel filter bracket, this pot will last you a lifetime.

The safety release valve is made of solid brass as well, the whole pot is just very well made. The spout of the Kontessa Gold pot can be improved somewhat, however, particularly during the first 3/4 pour as it has a tendency to drip a little.

The 12-cup capacity is just great for entertaining guests and weekend coffee sessions.

It’s just around $80, it’s a great balance between style, price, and functionality in our opinion.


Stella Inox Lucido Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker

Another great offering by Stella, this Inox Lucido pot has a design that’s not only classy, but makes sense as well.

The rounded base works really well on flame-type stoves as it efficiently heats up the water evenly.

The gorgeous stainless steel body as well as the stainless steel reducer micro filter allows you to brew at half capacity as well.

There are no flaws technically about the Inox Lucido, but the design of the Stella Aroma just appeals to us more.