Best Electric Moka Pot Reviews

Best Electric Moka Pot Reviews



Delonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

The Delonghi Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Makermakes really hot and strong brew of coffee easily. Its design allows it to store in tighter quarters much easier and the large switch makes it easy to use.The Alicia actually makes a decent amount of crema for a moka pot, that’s a good bonus if that’s a concern to you. The clear pot allows you to see the entire brewing process so you don’t have to wonder if the brewing process is over or not.

In addition, the pot itself detaches from the electrical base, allowing you to serve your coffee cord-free!The pot is big enough to brew 6 demitasse cups of coffee. However, the coffee filter/tray allows you to choose between a 3-cup brew or a full 6-cup brew, so you can be assured that you’ll get the optimal brew strength regardless of quantity.

The squarish spout works best with deeper mugs, if you have a shallow demitasse, be careful as the pour rate is pretty quick.

The auto-shut-off system as well as a 30-minute keep warm function allow you to enjoy a hot pot of coffee when you need it without worrying about burning the coffee brew.

Overall, this is a very good option, there’s very little to not like about the DeLonghi Alicia. We highly recommend this model.

And come on, look at the price!



Bialetti Easy Cafe 6-Cup Espresso Maker

The Bialetti Easy Cafeis a convenient and easy way to make your perfect espresso coffee straight from a pot. 5-6 minutes is all it takes for 6 demitasse cups of espresso without the bulk and cost of a full espresso machine.

The base of the Bialetti Easy Cafe (where the switch lies) has a tendency to be very water sensitive. So be sure to keep the base dry at all times and wipe off any stray drips as soon as possible.

Bialetti has acknowledged this flaw in their earlier models and all the units sold on Amazon right now are the modified version that should solve this problem already.

The internal surface of the pot has a tendency to stain easily, so make sure you wash and rinse the pot immediately after use.

The top portion retains the iconic and classy Bialetti octagon shape. Perfect for authenticity.


La Pavoni 8-Cup Caffe Mattina Electric Cordless Espresso Maker

While the La Pavoni doesn’t have the iconic look of the Bialetti, nor the advancements of the DeLonghi, it beats the other two by being more practical.

The combination of a larger pot (8-cup capacity), stay-cool handle, cordless pouring, and the drip-free spout makes this a very low maintenance unit.

Just make sure you fill the coffee grind properly without packing or the La Pavoni will act like a stovetop moka pot and spurt coffee all over.It’s a practical choice, but it’s too much of an ‘appliance’ without character.