Best Budget Moka Pot

Review of the Top 3 Moka Coffee Pots Under $50

These smaller, no-frills versions of moka pots are perfect for a single-person household. Choose the model that fits you based on how much coffee espresso demitasse cup you consume typically in one sitting and whether or not your stove has an induction system.

The main criteria for these entry-level moka pots would be the consistency of the coffee brew as well as as ease-of-use.

For small volumes, expect no more than 4-5mins of brewing time for each full pot and the choices below are perfect for your needs. Rest assured that the recommended models below are highly recommended by real-world users and our very own first hand testing as well.


Bialetti Moka Express – Single Cup


Perfect for the solo coffee drinker. Remember that we advised to always use the correct pot size depending on the number of cups you plan to drink? If you forgot, please read the How to Use a Moka Pot instruction page.

This single cup pot is just right if you’re a low-volume coffee lover.Brew coffee-for-one quickly and efficiently with an authentic Italian Bialetti Express Moka Pot. The classic and retro look will look good in any kitchen counter.

The small size makes it a little tougher to clean and dry compared to its larger counterparts, however. Note that this is an aluminum pot, so it will not work on induction-type stoves.

You’ll probably hear us saying this again and again, the aluminum health risk issue you read about all over is a MYTH. It’s proven time and again than the way modern aluminum is manufactured is perfectly safe for food storage and preparation.

Bialetti 4-Cup Stovetop Espresso Percolator


This unassuming and classy-looking stainless pot by Italian maker, Bialetti makes 4 demitasse cups of espresso coffee in under 5 minutes perfectly.

If you’re looking for a more low-key, modern version of the traditional octagonal aluminum stovetop moka pot, this is a great one to have. It’s perfect to the heavier coffee drinker or for a household of two.

The cylindrical shape of the pot makes it easier to wash and dry compared to the angular Moka Express variant. The heavy-duty stainless steel feels sturdy and classy at the same time.

The handle is very well placed so pouring the finished brew is never an awkward task. Stainless steel construction allows you to use this pot on modern induction-type stoves as well. Great value.

Vev Vigano Itaka 8074 INOX

This Vev Vigano Itaka stainless steel moka pot is just a beauty to behold. The design will add a touch of class to any kitchen or counter top.The Vev Vigano Itaka 8076 stainless steel moka pot oozes with class and masculinity, it’s a good appliance to any bachelor’s pad as well.

The tapered top makes it a little hard to clean thoroughly if you don’t rinse the pot right away after use, but nothing a standard foam pad bottle cleaner won’t fix. Again, this is another stainless steel pot, so it’ll work on both flame and induction type stovetops.

A word of caution, however. The steel handle can get hot to touch when you use it with flame-type stoves as the residual heat from the flame can heat the handle directly, but give it a few seconds to cool and the Itaka’s handle design dissipates heat quite rapidly.