Giannini Giannina Moka Pot Review $190

Giannini Giannina Moka Pot Review

  • Rare Carlo Giannini Design
  • Patented Fitting System
  • Long Lasting

Since back in 1986 when it was first launched on the market, Giannini Giannina [check price] has captured the hearts of millions coffee lovers from all around the world.

The Giannini Giannina espresso maker is not only efficient in preparing 6 to 9 delicious cups of coffee every single time, but is also a beautiful appliance that makes a fine addition to any modern kitchen.

This Giannina moka pot offers exclusivity and a sure-fire conversation starter once you dwell into the artistic rendition of Carlo Gianinni.



Giannini Giannina Premium Carlo Giannini Design

Designed by the famous designer, Carlo Giannini, this moke pot is crafted virtually entirely from a resilient stainless steel alloy and equipped with an easy-to-hold handle system, the Giannini Giannina 6 cup can be regarded as one of the most convenient way to brew and pour coffee.

And that’s not all; wait until you hear about the handy fastening technology in its construction!

Features of Giannini Giannina

  • Impressively strong construction for every section of the Giannini Giannina espresso maker
  • Incredible and durable external 18 by 10 steel surface
  • Innovative fastening feature (manufacturer’s patent) for improved fitting
  • Created by a famous espresso maker designer, Carlo Giannini
  • Designed and produced in Italy, home of the espresso
  • Can brew either 6 or 9 cups with the same proficiency
  • Enhanced resilience and lifespan

Features and Benefits

Let’s start by presenting one of the most highly regarded features, according to the Giannini Giannina 6-9 cup espresso maker’s users. If you take a closer look at how most of the contemporary stovetops espresso machines boiler and tank are attached, you will notice a bothersome detail:

In the vast majority of cases, they are joined via a screw mechanism. However, the Giannini Giannina solved this problem brilliantly, by replacing the old and obsolete system with an innovative rotating grip.

The advantage of this addition not only simplifies the process of joining the two components, but also guarantees an excellent fit.

Furthermore, while this detail can be observed in most stovetop espresso makers of Italian provenience, it is necessary to point out that the Giannini Giannina model also comes with an embedded basket feature, which permits the user to distinguish between the 6 cup and 9 cup setting without influencing the taste or the flavor of the brew.

Add that to the confidence of the Italian manufacturer who is ready to provide a 10-year warranty for this appliance and there is no way you can say no!


Robust, sleekly designed and including several innovative systems in its construction, the Giannini Giannina [check price] espresso maker can easily constitute a great stovetop for even the most pretentious coffee enthusiast.

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