Facts and Myths of Aluminum Moka Coffee Pot Safety and Health Risks

Facts and Myths of Aluminum Moka Coffee Pot Safety and Health Risks

Are Aluminum Stovetop Coffee Pots Safe?

There are a lot of statements floating around claiming that aluminum moka coffee pots, or any aluminum cookware, in general, are bad for your health and increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite the fact that there are no hard evidence correlating aluminum cookware and aluminum moka coffee pot safety to the increased chances of getting such illnesses, false facts and half-lies still hover around the internet including product reviews.

MokaCoffeePots sheds light on some facts and myths that should allow you to make an informed decision for yourself about aluminum moka coffee pots.


  • Most people absorb between 30-50mg of aluminum through regular food source and atmospheric exposure daily with no ill effects. In fact, many of our day-to-day necessities such as anti-perspirant, medicine, etc. contains aluminum.
  • Aluminum isn’t readily absorbed by humans, most of our aluminum intake don’t even enter our bloodstream and just passes through our digestive tracts.
  • Most name-brand aluminum moka potsand cookware are use anodized aluminum that prevents food from reacting to aluminum. Even in unusual circumstances where a reaction may occur, the amount of aluminum is far too minuscule to pose any danger long-term.
  • We use aluminum-based food containers on a daily basis such as soda cans and aluminum foil, none of them exhibit any danger of aluminum contamination either.
  • Storing (not cooking/boiling) food items in aluminum containers, including foil exhibit higher amount of aluminum trace than brewing coffee using an aluminum coffee pot, and even so, these items are considered safe for storage.
  • Stainless steel, often considered as the preferred type of stovetop coffee maker, contains more mixture of potentially hazardous metals than a traditional aluminum pot. It is essential that your stainless steel pot is made from high quality materials.
  • None of the official government food safety regulation sites have pointed out the connection between aluminum coffee pots and cookware to any form of disease or illness – only private articles and blogs! Note the use of “potential” throughout these articles.

You can read the official report on Aluminum Consumption – Health Canada or educational reports from Clemson University to confirm.

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There is no evidence linking the usage of aluminum cookware, particularly aluminum moka stovetop pots to any disease or illness. The reports about aluminum and diseases associated with excessive amount of aluminum present in patients that have Alzheimer and not the other way around.

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