Cuisinox Liberta Moka Pot Review $79

Cuisinox Liberta Moka Pot Review

  • Integrated Gasket and Reducer
  • Polished Mirror Finish
  • Concealed Safety Valve

Overview of the Cuisinox Liberta Moka Pot

At first glance, the Cuisinox Liberta [check price] resembles a teapot rather than an espresso maker, due to the shape and simplicity of the product.

However, at closer inspection, the customer will notice that the construction which in fact aims for functionality hides a brilliant 6-cup stovetop fashioned from incredibly resilient alloys and employing innovative and superior technologies.minimalism of its rounded design.

The inspiration for the Cuisinox Liberta comes, as expected, from the Italian coffee masters of the old days and combines the traditional techniques with the modern ones.

Although available in two sizes, this review will refer strictly to the 6-cup Cuisinox Liberta espresso maker model.

Features of Cuisinox Liberta

  • The strongest stainless steel alloys have been integrated in the construction of the Cuisinox Liberta
  • The Cuisinox Liberta brews up to 6 cups of quality espresso in one batch
  • It integrates an added gasket and a reducer
  • This model measures 6 by 4.5 by 7.5 inches, weighs 3 pounds
  • Appealing polished mirror finishing of the external surface
  • Includes an induction stand
  • The Cuisinox Liberta has a concealed safety valve
  • The tanks of this espresso maker comes with a 25 year guarantee from the manufacturer


The Cuisinox Liberta rightfully earned the many praises it received from reviewers, thanks to the solid construction materials, the excellent taste of the coffee it produces and the appealing design.

The bonus gasket is also an important feature to mention, as it is the reducer which helps diminish the quantity of coffee brewed to three cups instead of six without negatively influencing the taste of the beverage.

The manufacturer obviously put a great deal of effort in ensuring the solidity of the tank, given the 25 years of warranty this model comes with.

Some helpful advice from the customers: those who prefer a thicker and more intricate espresso should set the heating in the medium to low range, whereas those who enjoy a less lighter coffee should turn the heating all the way up from medium to high. Moreover, in order to avoid bitterness, the heat to the stovetop should be turned off.

The singular flaw this review needs to mention is the metal handle which has the tendency of getting hot, but truth be told, even the plastic handles share the same issues.

Conclusion for Cuisinox Liberta

If you are looking for a high quality and durable coffee maker, then the Cuisinox Liberta [check price] is without a doubt an excellent addition to your kitchen and it is guaranteed to last almost a lifetime, MokaCoffeePots approved!

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