Coffee Question Of The Day Moka Pot

Coffee Question Of The Day Moka Pot

Donald asks…

Is moka pot inferior to espresso machine?

the coffee made by moka pot is totally different!

adminmok answers:

It’s not necessarily inferior; the brewing’s just different. It’s still espresso.

A moka pot (like the other version, the Neapolitan) is totally legitimate, because it’s what has been used in Italian households for decades, long before home espresso machines were made. Whenever you have a visitor or guest, the polite thing to do is to offer them a coffee — usually made with the moka. There’s a whole procedure to it that makes it much more “homey” than the espresso machine, which seems more suitable to a public place. And it takes some practice and skill to make a really good coffee with the moka.

In addition, some people like it done a certain way, and others prefer another. Some say to leave the coffee lightly mounded when you fill the filter (it will be compressed when you close it). Others say to tamp it down. Still others (including the great Neapolitan playwright/actor Eduardo De Filippo) suggest tamping it down and, in addition, making three holes into the coffee with a toothpick, before closing the pot.

Try various methods until you find the one that suits you and your tastes best. And make sure you don’t “overboil” the water and the pot. Keep the heat low and turn it off (and remove the pot) as soon as practically all of the coffee has come out, and it sputters. If the coffee ends up boiling, it will get ruined. And of course, get a good blend of coffee, made expressly for the moka.

Another trick: if you want to make an espresso-like “crema” on the top, this is how you do it. When the coffee starts to come out, pour the very first few drops into the cup(s) together with your sugar, and then put the pot back on the heat to finish. Using an espresso coffee spoon, beat the coffee with the sugar into a creamy paste. Then, when you pour in the rest of the coffee, a head of “crema” will come to the top.

A variation on the above is a pick-me-up morning drink made like this: break a fresh egg yolk into the espresso cup, add your sugar, and beat the yolk and sugar with a spoon into a creamy paste. Then add the hot coffee when it’s ready, and stir. Not bad at all!

Daniel asks…

Is one mug of coffee brewed from a stovetop Moka Pot too much?

I know it is typically strong than your average American brewed coffee, but it is not exactly espresso also. So would a typical mug of Moka pot coffee be considered too much?

adminmok answers:

I alternate between my moka pot and french press. The stove top coffee is richer, but doesn’t have much more caffeine than from the french press (maybe 15-20% more). As long as you don’t guzzle it by the gallon, a mug’s worth won’t bother you.

I often drink decaf or mix decaf with regular to lower the caffeine amount @ breakfast. In the evening I just use decaf. It’s delicious.

Enjoy your coffee; it’s good for you.

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