Coffee Question Of The Day Italian Coffee Shops

Coffee Question Of The Day Italian Coffee Shops

George asks…

Is there a real Italian coffee shop in Manchester?

I mean ‘authentic’ not a chain.

adminmok answers:

Costa is a genuine shop based at…..

Unit 1 Portland Street Piccadilly

Best wishes 🙂

Ken asks…

In a coffee shop that uses the Italian language on its menu….?

Do you think that it is a little pretentious, especially in an English-speaking country?

adminmok answers:

Of course it’s pretentious. And in the instance that you are referring to, it is probably working well for the restaurant owners. Why? Because the only people that go there are pretentious people who want others to believe that they read and speak Italian. Biga deal! What about the pretentious restaurants in Miami, Fla. (south beach). Order a coca cola. Get a check for $17.00. And people go there all the time. Pretentious. And Pretentious people. Only they have $$ so the media refer to them as the ‘glitterati’. Even that’s pretentious. It goes on and on. OMG, somebody stop me. Good Luck.

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