Coffee Question Of The Day Italian Coffee Desserts

Coffee Question Of The Day Italian Coffee Desserts

Chris asks…

Vegan indian, thai, italian or turkish desserts please?

indian- i love well spiced

thai- i like coconut, mango, banana

italiancoffee, ice cream, almond and pistachio, tortes

turkish-i like rosewater pistachio turkish delight and bakvlava

adminmok answers:

Banana Fritters – just make a batter with four & water, then cut the banana in half length-ways, cover it in batter, then dip it in dessicated coconut. Put it in a deep fat fryer (or fry it in a pool of hot oil) until it’s golden brown. Serve with vegan coconut ice cream or mango sorbet.

Paul asks…

What sort of drinks with spirits are nice with the following desserts, please?

Best Greetings ~

Italian Desserts
1 Pan Forte
2 Pan d’Oro
3 Pannetone

German / Austrian Dessert
4 Stollen ~ for Christmas

Continental Dessert
5 Cheesecake

Could you possibly note a coffee or tea also? Or some similar drink …. like hot cider as a side to go with something with spirits …..thank you so much.

p.s. If you have another dessert to recommend w/ its drink you like, could you add that, too?

Thank you

adminmok answers:

Hey Darjeeling Snow,
we do bake “Stollen” with Jamaica rum, but we have a cup of coffee when we eat it. In Hamburg you can add a shot of Hennesey.

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

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