Coffee Question Of The Day Italian Coffee And Biscuits

Coffee Question Of The Day Italian Coffee And Biscuits

Mark asks…

What are good gifts for in laws to be?

we’re pakistani, the parents in law are over there.

are these good gifts?
im getting the mum and sister perfume and elegant scarf – designer brands.
the dad a tie and shirt from Austin Reed. maybe a pair of cuff links.
for the whole family – Italian coffee and italian biscuits from M&S – gift box.
Gift packed M&S biscuits. (I was going to go to harrods but don’t have enough time.) (its better that traditional sweets, its nicer and costs more.)

I haven’t had my engagement ceremony yet, that and the wedding is booked for early next year.

adminmok answers:

Wow, you seem like an awesome daughter-in-law! If I had in-laws, i’d probs end up getting them like towels or something! Haha!

Jamilla (:

Richard asks…

Curious question for the americans 😀 ?? Pleasee!! ?

Why in the american movies at the morning you are cheerful/happy ??
And why in the movie you have breakfast dressed and no in pajamas??
What are you eat at breakfast? Peaunut butter, milk, eggs, bacon..?? In italy the people don’t eat like that. We italian eat only milk or coffee and biscuits , corn flakes or brioches..
what time school starts in america?
Sorry for the english but i’m italian.
I know that these questions are bit stupid ;DD

adminmok answers:

Your English is fine, and the questions aren’t stupid.

People are cheerful/happy in the morning in films because that was in the script. In reality, people in America are cheerful or grumpy in the morning in about the same percentages as in Italy.

Same with how people are dressed – it was whatever was in the script. Most people wander into breakfast in pajamas or a robe and aren’t really very awake until after coffee or tea.

A stereotypical “American breakfast” is eggs, bacon/ham, and toast or some other pastry 9ex. Pancakes). Not everyone has those items for breakfast and many people have either a bowl of cereal & milk, or perhaps just toast/pastry. I don’ know of anyone who has peanut butter at breakfast.

Secondary school usually starts at 8:30am but some schools start at 8:00am.

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