Coffee Question Of The Day Italian Coffee After Dinner Drink

Coffee Question Of The Day Italian Coffee After Dinner Drink

Laura asks…

Dinner do’s and donts…what are your traditions or rules at the dinner table?

I’m italian born and raised there, now I live in THE USA. I noticed that here people here dont really eat dinner together, in Italy eating is one of the most important times to share with friends and family, and everyone must join…there is certain things thats should be done and that should not.

If you are invited to eat at someone’s house or you know lunch/donner is at a ceratin time, you must be there in time…it is rude to wait.

We have a ceratin order to serve the food…here in America we eat salad after the first e secodn plate not at the beggining.

We must try everthing that is offerred to us but in small quantity, so we make sure we try everything.

We always drink coffee at the end of each meal…

We dont put cheese on our seafood, like they do here, that is a no no.

adminmok answers:

Well, I have a dinner table and know how to eat with fork and knife. But – visiting relatives or some friends, food is served on the floor and we use neither a fork nor a knife. Therefore the biggest no no is to use your left hand. Only the right one. There will be a big plate of food in the middle of the floor (on a table clothes) and everybody eats of the same plate.

Most of the times dinner isn’t ready when invited for dinner. You just sit down and have juices, coffee or tea and talk. Then dinner is served and shortly after that you leave. Dinner mostly is served at the end than at the beginning.

But, these days there is a mixture of everything. Food still can be served on the floor, but if you have any guests not used to eat with their hands, forks, knifes and spoons are offered.

If dinner is shared with friends, women and men eat separatly, but it also may happen that 2 or 3 couples eat together. It all depends on the people who attending (talking about having dinner in private).

Ken asks…

Is this a balanced and healthy diet?

This is what I eat on a normal day:

Breakfast – coffee with cream AND cornflakes/cereal/muesli with fruits/dried fruits/nuts and milk/yogurt

Snack – a sweet treat, such as a piece of pie or a candy

Lunch – vegetable soup (carrots, peas, Brussels sprouts, green beans,…) OR some pasta with Italian sauce AND vegetable salad

Snack – fruit, like one apple or peach

Dinnercoffee AND a sandwich (mostly wholegrain bread, turkey/ham/cheese and vegetables) AND vegetable salad

I normally have classes in the afternoon so I eat breakfast and lunch at home and dinner somewhere out. I have a salad with basically each main meal and I drink two coffees and lots of water every day. Once a day I have something sweet but not later than 11am and I never have dinner after 6pm. I´m 19, I´m slim and I have no health problems that could be associated with my diet so I guess it should be alright, but I want to hear your opinions.
And I forgot to mention I take a dance lesson once a week and I go jogging for 45min three mornings a week if that matters.
Tom, I am willing to do anything if it makes me healthier. What changes do you mean?

adminmok answers:

Everything looks good in terms of nutrition besides your snack. Anything that’s processed sugars/fats is very bad for your health.

In short, yes your diet and exercise looks great.

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