Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Make Coffee French Press Instructions

Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Make Coffee French Press Instructions

Betty asks…

How do you use a small press coffee maker?

Our daughter gave us a small press coffee maker. There are no instructions and we have never used one. Does anyone have instructions?

adminmok answers:

Put 10 grams of course ground coffee per cup and the hot water in the jug then place the piston on top but don’t press down yet. Wait 2 minutes then press down to the bottom. The coffee grounds are trapped at the bottom beneath the piston and you just pour the coffee into the cup.
This method was invented by the Italien Caliman in 1933. The piston coffee maker infuses the coffee rather than boiling it . The best known brand is the French “la Melior” . This is the preparation method coffee tasters prefer.

At your service, pleased to help

Sandra asks…

Okay, I give up. Why can’t I get the sludge out of my coffee using my bodum thermal french press?

I’m using the coarsest grind I can buy at Starbucks. Do I need to buy a grinder for home and make it even coarser? I’ve read all the instructions and tips I can find. The plunger goes down (with some effort), but the coffee is invariably thick and not in a good way, to the point that there’s a fine layer of silt in the bottom of the cup.

adminmok answers:

Grinding your coffe fresh is always best, as for your problem with sludge I’m afaid its part of the whole “French Press” thing.
If it bothers you just filter it through a coffee filter.

Joseph asks…

Can I use espresso in a French press?

Can I use ground espresso in a French press coffee maker?

Would this be too strong? Would it make a mess?

adminmok answers:

No, you can’t.

Here’s why:
1) That fine of a grind will over extract & be bitter. Larger chunks require longer for the flavors to release (20-30seconds for espresso vs 3-4 minutes for french press)
2) If you read the instructions included with a french press they warn against using too fine a grind. The reason isn’t that it will get through the filter; it’s that the grounds will clog the filter. If that happens, you won’t be able to easily depress the plunger and the pressure may send scalding bitter coffee all over the place (& you).

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