Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Make Coffee Automatic Drip

Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Make Coffee Automatic Drip

Ken asks…

How to make the best coffee?

What’s the best method? I had to discard my automatic drip, and was considering doing a Gevalia deal. Then I remembered how I like percolator coffee, and I also remember seeing a coffee press in Target (don’t know even how to use a press!), and I saw stovetop percolators online. What’s the best way to make coffee?
Automatic drip, percolator, stovetop percolator, or press?


adminmok answers:

Hi there!

Well, as a former 5 year Starbuck’s barista, I can tell you the old textbook answer I’d give customers.

A french press gives you the fullest flavor cup of coffee, because there are no filters to trap the flavorful oils. All you do, is get the coffee ground for a french press (super coarse), use the measurements of 2 tablespoons of coffee to every 6 oz. Of water, drop the grounds in, pour the water JUST OFF BOILING TEMP, and let it steep for (I can’t remember for sure time) I think 3 minutes?

After it has steeped for x-time, you just press the plunger, and you have a very flavorful cup of coffee.

Percolators were never a favorite sbux thing-can’t even tell you why. We just never pushed them.

As long as you use the 2 tbs. Of coffee to 6 oz. Of water, you will have a really good flavor.

Automatic drip-gold cone filters yield a good result too (same thing, it doesn’t trap most of the flavor like a paper filter).

Of course, an espresso machine (pump-driven), offers a true cup of espresso if you are that into it!

Mmmm….I suddenly want an iced Vanilla/hazelnut squirt of carmel soy easy ice latte……

Donna asks…

How do you convert an automatic drip coffee brewer to an pour over?

I have a automatic drip air pot coffee maker, but I don’t want to hook it up to plumbing. Can I just run a hose from something like water bottle into the water inlet still have it work?

adminmok answers:

It’s possible, but no practical.It would be more problem to do than installing to water line. And do you know what a pain it is to keep adding water. You can get a water line for a automatic ice maker for a fridge, and install that. Its easy. Good luck.

George asks…

What is your favorite store ground or whole bean coffee brand?

This is for an automatic drip coffee maker. I have been buying Maxwell House for years and I don’t care for Folgers. Maxwell House recently changed their packaging and I’m thinking of switching. I usually use 1/2 Maxwell house and 1/2 Dunkin Donuts french vanilla.

adminmok answers:

I don’t drink coffee but I buy Folgers French Roast or breakfast blend for my husband. I love the smell. He doesn’t like the flavored coffees but I love the smell of French Vanilla and Hazelnut.

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