Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Italian Coffee Tables Modern

Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Italian Coffee Tables Modern

Sandra asks…

I am going to Las Vegas in Sept/Oct 08 from vancouver any suggestion for flights and good rooms in vegas?

my wife and 2 children with me 24&22 years old any suggestion would be great.coming from australia

adminmok answers:

Golden Nugget is my fav, as it’s modern, clean and has a VERY helpful, friendly staff EVERY TIME.
If you’re rich, try the Bellagio.

If filthy rich, go for the Venetian.

Obscenely wealthy…The Wynn.

You really MUST take the family on the indoor gondola ride at the Venetian.

Best breakfast in Las Vegas is by far at Binnions Horseshoe (Coffee Shop), in the basement.

Most memorable dining experience…HOLE IN THE WALL, an Italian joint that is WONDERFUL!!!

It has live musicians that come to each table, fresh hot bread, crispy fresh salads and wine up the ying-yang.

Romantic dinner: Def at the Chinese place 2nd floor, at the Golden Nugget. (Can’t remember the name!) The maitre d’ is solid gold. He treats each customer as if the restaurant will fail, if they are not completely delighted.

A rare soul, indeed.

Donna asks…

Famous Medieval Dishes?

What were some favorite Medieval Dishes? I need to know a little about them too. I need to know what time of year they were eaten, and what level of society ate the dish? Any Medieval Dish will help. Thanks.

adminmok answers:

Regarding who ate what, it’s an easy question: only the nobility ate anything resembling a “dish,” with peasants surviving on gruel, porridge, bread in prosperous times, and any poaching conquest, IF they dared. Remember: if there was an apple tree somewhere, it belonged to the nobility, as did fish in the ponds and lakes.

Meat was the preferred dish. It was eaten year ’round with reckless abandon. Seasonings, completely out of reach to the peasantry were initially used to mask the flavor of rotting meat. In time, during the era of alchemy, cooks discovered that they could manipulate taste and texture and presentation. So, the nobility were soon enjoying roasted, reassembled fowl, which was more show than food. Then sugar was discovered. Cooks often conconcted outrageous sculptures of sugar, again for the visual pleasure of the royal courts. Missing in action would be complex carbohydrates in the sense of fresh fruit and veggies. Mead, cider and wine were popular drinks. Tea and coffee would soon be introduced, but first in Central Europe.

In some ways, your question is too general to answer. Because it was during the Middle Ages that Italians had the epiphany that food can be a transcendant experience. Thus the tables of their nobility fairly groaned and the peasantry thrived as well-after all, Marco Polo discovered Pasta in China and took it back to golden Italy. Until Italian manners and technology (the spoon) were enthusiastically copied by France and Germany and England, those three giants literally ate meat of the bone even in the politest settings, wiped their mouths with their sleeves and consumed vast amounts of meat blithely unaware of salmonella and trichinosis. Eating to excess wasn’t uncommon. A typical dish in Germany would have been “Hase im Pfeffer” (Hare in pepper), which survives even today and is known as “Hasenpfeffer.” Pies filled with birds and the like were considered delicacies.

The Russian nobility reputedly kept buffet tables going at all times, so that they could offer restorative hospitality to their guests at any time. As was famously observed by a visiting Englishmen, the Russian peasantry often “ate grass in the summer and hay in the winter.”

Everything, everywhere, was contingent on harvest and hunting. Food preservation was only emerging. With the Renaissance, the foods of that era became somewhat more recognizable to we of the modern era, although the amount of sugar and fat would be similar.

Daniel asks…

Decorating apartment livingroom and kitchen?

I just moved into a 4 bedroom apartment at college with 3 other friends. We need some help decorating our living room and kitchen.

The kitchen has space on top of the cabinets we want to decorate and a wall as you come into the apartment, about 5 feet long.

The living room has a huge window on the back wall and then two long walls, one with the couch and the other with the tv. The dining table is off to the side near the tv. There is a chair in front of the window.

We cannot paint. And we cannot put large nails in the walls (small ones and pushpins are fine, and command strips are okay). We want something fun but not tacky. We are on a low budget as well, but if its nice we are willing to spend a little bit more. We don’t need to rearrange the furniture either.

Please give us some suggestions, like a theme or something and then what we could do with it.

adminmok answers:

Here’s some articles that offer some fun ideas:

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Unique Kitchen Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate with an Italian Theme

Unique Kitchen Decorating Ideas- Decorating with a Fruit Theme

Unique Kitchen Decorating Ideas: Ideas for How to Decorate with a Celestial Theme

Unique Kitchen Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate with an Americana Theme

Hope they gave you some inspiration! Good Luck!

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