Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Different Italian Coffee Types

Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Different Italian Coffee Types

Donna asks…

How to serve food at wedding reception?

I am having a wedding and don’t know how to handle the food.
I am making : Bruschetta, there will be different types of cheeses and crackers and breads, and fresh fruit for appetizers
the pre menu will be a basic salad with dressing, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese,
dessert will the wedding cake, cupcakes, and cookies with coffee and milk. However for the main dish? i have no idea. how to serve 200 people. Catering is too expensive. and i don’t want people to stand in line. what is something easy to cook. I would like italian.

adminmok answers:

Appoint a couple friends as attendants at a buffet table to assist people and keep food and people flowing.
Appoint others to the “cake” table and others to the “drinks” table. Anyone who asks “what can I do to help you” assign to a table! Keep a good notebook of who is where and what is where.

I have done lots of buffet tables at events and it works great if you have a lot of helpful friends!

Do roast beef with the italian seasonings, and cole slaw, potato salad, for your main meal. Yeah, I know this isn’t exactly Italian, but will work great. A best guy friend to slice the beef works great.

Steven asks…

How to set up a cafe?

I have access to cheap food and cakes from my italian gf’s family who will cook pastries ,keiches and home made Italian dishes, I can make coffees but just need a solid coffee machine but can run it off as a business expense.
I was thinking in northcote or coburg where there are many cofe drinkers , Brunswick and north Carlton hav too many cafes already.
Any ideas from ppl who know about businesses?

adminmok answers:

There’s a lot of work that has to be done before you can open a cafe, and especially before you use homemade food.

You will need the money to rent premises, buy equipment including crockery, cutlery, tables, chairs, cleaning materials, a good coffee machine, kitchen equipment, renovation and decoration of property, and advertising, plus a good stock of different coffees, teas, soft drinks, mineral water, milk. So hope you’ve got enough cash to get started.

You will also need to do a barista course, unless you already know how to make the various types of coffee, and you will need to do a safe food handling course.

Before using any homemade food, the local council will need to do an audit of your girlfriend’s family kitchen and issue a permit to have the kitchen classed under the Food Act, and the kitchen will be subject to regular inspections. They will need to comply with safety requirements and have fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and cleaning solutions suitable for commercial cooking. They might also need to upgrade their home insurance as they will be operating as a commercial kitchen.

So it’s not quite as simple as you think. However, if you’ve got access to the money to get started and really want to do this then go for it. Once you’ve worked out all the basics and found your premises, the most important thing will be advertising. You need to make the outside of the cafe attractive, advertise in the local paper, maybe on community radio and TV, and put flyers on community notice-boards. It doesn’t matter how good the food and coffee is, people need to know you’re there!


Mark asks…

Things to do this summer in Edmonton?

I am in Edmonton for the summer and I want to do as much as possible while I’m here. I live by the U of A campus and I don’t have a car.

I already know that there will be a number of festivals this summer.

I am looking for things to do on a daily basis.

Please suggest restaurants, events, classes and how to get there by public transity from the university.

Please do not suggest restuarants on Whyte Ave or West Ed Mall.

I would also like to know about things happening on the U of A campus.

adminmok answers:

The actual campus is fairly dead during the summer but you can check out the Power Plant and RATT on campus (food and entertainment)
this link will give you U of A events

there is the river valley of Sask drive that runs along the U of A – tan, bike, roller blade, people watch, jog
you can walk down to Hawrelak park

walk to Whyte (I know you said no Whyte ave but I love it – walking along the street stopping for a coffee and people watching is great, Dadeos’ is a great unique restaurant on Whyte)

take the LRT downtown (there will be festivals happening downtown) I love Pagolac in China town for Vietnamese
the librarys have free movie nights
the Sidetrack Cafe downtown (food and entertainment)

the Running Room on 109st has lots of different types of classes

The Sugar Bowl
Set in a historic building circa 1943, this coffeehouse is a popular destination for the University crowd and frequently hosts jazz, blues, DJs and folk acts. Enjoy coffees, Italian grilled sandwiches or their signature carrot cake. Full service tapas menu and a weekend brunch. Mon to Fri 7 am – midnight; Sat & Sun 8 am – midnight.
Address: 10922–88 Ave. Edmonton AB

check out SEE and VUE and DOSE for things to do (free magazines that are everywhere on Whyte)

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