Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Brew Coffee Temperature Ideal

Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Brew Coffee Temperature Ideal

Ken asks…

What temperature must a hot liquid be under to not burn my mouth?

Whenever I drink hot coffee, tea, cocoa, or soup, I burn my mouth. I have never been able to drink hot drinks. How cool does a liquid have to be to not scald my mouth. Is there any research on this? Has an exact temperature been discovered? If there is maybe I could by a thermometer and know when liquids are safe to drink.

adminmok answers:

Well let me think of this as a chef rare roast beef is a temperature 140° coffee from a brewing machine brews coffee at 183° which is hot but doesn’t burn water boils at 212° and will burn you I would say ideal temperature would be 140° to 160° would be ideal for the palette.

David asks…

Ideally, what color should a properly brewed cup of sencha be?

I always get a mild yellowish green color which worries me. A lot of the green tea I see being brewed tends to be more like grass green. Could it be due to the leaves I am using? The tea I buy is from Peet’s Coffee and is sold as just “sencha”, so I just assumed it wasn’t a mixed concoction of sorts, but then I again I can never really be sure.

As for flavor, is it supposed to be very mild, mild to the point of being slightly tasteless? Almost like white tea? I’ve always had the impression that it should some bite to it, but I can never get that proper bite. Its either very mild or very bitter . . .

adminmok answers:

It is considered that the ideal color of the sencha beverage is a greenish golden color. Depending upon the temperature of the water in which it is decocted, the flavor will be different, and this also is the appeal of sencha. With relatively not too hot water, it is relatively mellow; with hot water, it is more astringent.

Robert asks…

What coffee maker should I get?

I am SO fed up with PLASTIC TASTING, nasty, flat coffee!! What kind of coffee maker makes the best robust tasting coffee?? Please help me. I’m willing to spend a big chunk of my tax return.

adminmok answers:

Bunn makes a great coffee maker, takes 3 minutes to brew a pot!

The Patented BUNN Brewing Difference
Perfect coffee flavor is robust without bitterness and is determined by three elements in brewing: water temperature, the time ground coffee is exposed to the water and how much of the coffee is exposed to the water.

The patented ready-to-brew reservoir keeps water at the ideal brewing temperature of approximately 200°. (Conventional home brewers heat water until it boils up to coffee basket.)

The fast 3-minute cycle is the perfect brew cycle time for the most coffee flavor without bitterness. (Typical brew cycles expose ground coffee until all water is boiled up–at least twice as long.)

The unique sprayhead design creates the right amount of turbulence to suspend ground coffee and extract flavor evenly and thoroughly. (With most coffee makers, water drips straight through without exposing coffee evenly.)

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