Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Brew Coffee Like Tea

Coffee Moka Pot Q&a Brew Coffee Like Tea

Laura asks…

How can I remain awake and focused when I’m up studying late at night?

I’m up right now. I have a lot of work to do by 10 am so I have to find a way to stay up and be efficient while I’m studying.
I know eating apples keeps you awake, so does tea and coffee but I can’t brew coffee/tea right now, and I need to be able to focus too.
Any tips?

adminmok answers:

I like to listen to music to keep me awake. I like to listen to Explosions in the Sky. It seems intense at first but I know several people who listen to it to help them focus. I like Real Estate too. They kind of have a beachy vibe going for them. Also try and get up walk around every once in a while so you don’t bore yourself to death just sitting there.

Browsing yahoo answers and websites like facebook always get me distracted. Try using a concentration website that blocks access for certain periods of time or the SelfControl app. This way you will be fully focused on your work.

Take a power nap. Sometimes sleeping for 30 minutes can give you an energy boost. Try not to sleep over 45 minutes at a time though because this might make you feel groggy.

Well, hope at least some of this helped or gave you an idea 🙂

Richard asks…

What’s the best way to clean a coffee pot?

My coffee pot leaves this nasty film when I brew coffee (or tea). I’ve heard you can clean it by running vinegar through a cycle. Is that true?
I don’t think it’s the pot that’s dirty. whatever it is is coming from running the cycle itself

adminmok answers:

When I used to waitress, we would put ice cubes, salt, and lemon slices in the pot…swish it around for a couple of minutes..The salt would act as the scrubber and get the film off… It worked great and there were no worries of chemicals being added…then just run vinegar through the machine, followed by fresh water…Good luck!!

Mary asks…

How can I get rid of a water stain without redoing my whole coffee table?

I accidentally left a bottle of water on my coffee table, and the condensation from it has left quite a mark on it. It’s a very dark stain on the table, and the water stain is very bright. I’ve heard that you can stain the spot using brewed coffee or tea depending on the shade you need, but I’m not sure if it actually works. I don’t want to have to strip the table and stain it again because it’s rather old and I can’t afford to buy more stain at the moment. Any help would be great!

adminmok answers:

If the water mark is a kinda whitish mark then the finish may have absorbed some moisture and caused a condition called blushing. A cheap easy first try to remove it would be to set your blow dryer on low/med heat and try to evaporate the moisture trapped in the finish. Be careful not to over heat the finish.

Good Luck.

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