Bialetti Mukka Moka Pot Review $78

Bialetti Mukka Moka Pot Review

  • Most Popular Moka Pot
  • Seamless Smooth Design
  • Hot Plate Creates Strong Brew

Bialetti Mukka Review

The Bialetti Mukka Express caters to not only the versed cappuccino enthusiasts who cannot start a day without a steaming cup of their favorite beverage, but also those who are yet unfamiliar with what an excellently brewed one is all about.

If you were to describe the Mukka in two words, they would be ‘rapid’ and ‘convenience’. This model, unlike the previous generations designed by the iconic Italian manufacturer, Bialetti, heated by the electrical plate and can brew a 10.8 ounce cup in an incredibly timely manner.

However, fast does not mean the Mukka will cut corners and the brewing process respects all the steps required for a tasteful cappuccino. Let’s review the specifications really quick.

The Mukka is a departure from the traditional Bialetti approach in moka pot design, but the core of great Italian stovetop espresso remains and you can expect excellent, strong, and aromatic coffee that Bialetti’s famous for providing.

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Features of the Bialetti Mukka

  • The Mukka Express is encased in polished aluminum
  • Sleek design and seamless décor integration
  • The maximum cappuccino/latte output is 10.8 ounces
  • Employs the hotplate system to brew and maintain temperature
  • Easy cleaning (frequent cleaning is advised)
  • Created by the an Italian company, the experts of in the field of coffee
  • Measures 22.4 by 17 by 10.4 inches, weighs approximately 5 pounds empty


If you like your Cappuccino daily, then it is probable you are spending a fortune every month in expensive coffee stores that can reproduce the Italian recipes. Quality cappuccino and latte are not by any means cheap, or at least not if you do not own your own maker. On the other hand, you are most likely aware that the price for the large conventional electric models can go as high as a few thousand dollars, more if you purchase one with extra options.

Conversely, the Mukka Express will not only save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on overpriced coffee shops, but will not even imply a huge initial investment on your part.

The materials as well as the design have been optimized, so Bialetti can provide coffee fans with an affordable alternative. It is worth mentioning that you can acquire the cow-like design of this cappuccino machine, if you really want to give it some personality.

Some have argued that the interior should have been crafted from stainless steel rather than aluminum, since the latter is more prone to oxidation. However, that would have raised the price substantially. Surely, this way it will require a more frequent cleaning in order to prevent oxidation, but this operation is fairly simple for anyone.


The Bialetti Mukka has been created by a reputable Italian company, all the more reason to give its capabilities credit. The cappuccino or latte will not take more than five minutes to brew, so it is perfect for those days when you are on the run and time seems to be working against you.

At the same time, the casing and the hotplate have a very modern look, but this is a trait associated with virtually every Bialetti creation. To put it simply, the Bialetti Mukka Express cappuccino and latte maker is the affordable answer to the prayers of every person that could enjoy these beverages as often as he would like.

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