Aerolatte Café Porcella Coffee Pot Review $30

Aerolatte Café Porcella Coffee Pot Review

  • Classical Italian Design
  • Works on All Types of Stoves
  • Made from Porcelain

Aerolatte Café Porcella Review

The Aerolatte Cafe Porcella Stove Top Espresso Maker[check price] model is a simple yet efficient espresso maker widely affordable for a wide segment of coffee lovers. The style of the appliance is based on the traditional Italian one, as it can be easily seen from its classical construction.

While it does not incorporate mind-blowing technologies, the simple yet effective principle it employs can confer a superior quality espresso in record time. Using this coffee maker is extremely easy and does not imply extended knowledge of the process.

In other words, you are looking at a straight to the point and most importantly, efficient machine.

Features of Aerolatte Café Porcella

  • Measures 5.5 by 4 by 10 inches, weighs less than 1 pound
  • Crafted based on the classical Italian technique
  • The Aerolatte has a 4 cup capacity, considering each cup has contains 2 ounces
  • Can be used equally well on gas-based, electric-based, ceramic-based and halogen-based stoves
  • The pot is made from porcelain and is considered dishwasher safe
  • The stand should only be cleaned by hand
  • The aluminum stand is constructed from heat resistant materials (aluminum)

Reputation of Aerolatte Café Porcella

The Aerolatte Café Porcella stovetop espresso maker is widely regarded as the provider offering the best bang for the buck, particularly for individuals who do not expect the world out of their coffee machines.

In essence, there is not a high degree of adjustability when it comes to the Aerolatte appliance, but that aspect is easily compensated by the ability to brew the coffee in a quick and easy manner.

To put it simply, filling the funnel with finely ground beans, inserting the funnel within the stand and fastening the upper section are the only actions you will ever need to perform.


Your search for that simple to operate, convenient and fast espresso maker can be considered a thing of the past if you acquire the Aerolatte Cafe Porcellana Stove Top Espresso Maker [check price], but don’t expect it to outperform more expensive alternatives in terms of adjustability.

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